From Jihad vs. McWorld, by Benjamin Barber

A fight between global consumerism culture and those wanting a lack of it - valuing their identity and history rather than pop culture and the marketplace


If McWorld wins:  global marketplace and global culture, end of democracy?

Jihad:  fragmentation, division of nations based on language, culture, etc:  (anarchy)


Jihad:  The fundamentalists who have no reason to live and hate our crap

McWorld:  The big businesses - typified as but not exclusively American culture - that is capitalistic and spreads our crap around the world without providing any democracy along with it


Americans believe they are independent.  We need a 'Declaration of Interdependence' nowadays, as proven by 9/11:  we are completely interdependent with the rest of the world

Bin Laden, without modern technology, such as credit cards, cell phones, etc would be reduced to an idiot throwing rocks.  The products of the McWorld he loves to hate actually permit him to continue.  Without it he couldn't transfer money, organize and move people, etc.  Bin Laden being a regular on CNN after 9/11 gives him the power and effect he desired.

McWorld is selling their culture and products globally- and all the garbage (pornography, movies, other bad aspects of American culture) is provided to the 'Jihad' without any sort of global citizenship or offer to ensure a good life (they have no 'civil society' rights)

McWorld needs to be combated in the same way as Jihad in order to reduce terrorism - consumerism needs to be put in its place

McWorld pursues bloodless economics of profits, Jihad pursues the political economics of identity.  Everyone is a consumer (belonging to McWorld) and seeks their own identity (like Jihad), but nobody is a citizen:  so how can there be a democracy?

American business allowed into Vietnam:  Because the market doesn't care about the government as long as it is stable, and democracy isn't perceived as a threat - democracy may see it's end as McWorld produces a new culture and global capitalism