Reading List

Dr. Wedemeyer's List:

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Neuman, W.  The Gordian Knot:  Political Gridlock on the Information Highway.  (1997).

WWW Sources on:

WWW Sources on:

WWW Sources on:

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Guide to Telecommunications in Asia.  Asia Law and Practice and The Pacific.  Telecommunications Council (2005).

Jussawalla, M., and Taylor, R.  Information Technology Parks of the Asia Pacific:  Lessons for the Regional Digital Divide.  (available on 4th floor of East-West Center)

Wedemeyer, D. "The Futures Forecasting Engine (FFE): An Online
Methodology for Anticipating Alternative Futures."  Available here

Dr. Tehranian's List:

Mill, J.  On Liberty.  Dover Publications (2002). 

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(600 pages / $40 - didn't order from Amazon)

Mosco, Vincent. The Political Economy of Communication. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1996.
($42 @ Amazon - didn't order)
Reviews here:

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