Cal Downs on the relationship between communication, satisfaction and productivity:

And the relationship to Organizational Communication:


Communication in Organizations

Communication is a dynamic and somewhat vague process, and can occur when encoding / decoding messages, choosing which messages to send and to whom, etc.

Communication exists at many levels of an organization, and studies can be done at each of those levels.

Organizations have communication subsystems:  instruction, information, persuasion, integration, innovation.  These subsystems are not mutually exclusive (a performance review could fall into all of these)

The ROLE of communication is the process by which organizing is done - anytime two individuals interact.


Communication and Productivity

Productivity is hard to study but is of vital importance because:

Communication Links of Analysis:


From the Articles I found

  1. Downs explains in his articles the vital link between productivity and organizations, and the key that satisfaction and communication plays in the process.  (Organizational Commitment)
  2. Down's "Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire" has been used over the last few decades to study Org. Comm. 
  3. This shows a high correlation between communication satisfaction and job satisfaction.  (Communication at job -> Satisfaction at job)
  4. There also exists a high correlation between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.  (Satisfaction at job -> Organizational commitment)
  5. Those satisfied with their job and committed to their organization are more productive.  (Organizational commitment -> More productive)
  6. The most important resource to an organization is productive employees.  The information above shows how important communication satisfaction is to productive employees and a successful organization.


Communication links to Job Satisfaction:

Job satisfaction caused mostly by (Downs, 1977):

Down's Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire aimed at assessing Comm. satisfaction- a predictor of job satisfaction, which predicts organizational commitment and job productivity.  Productive employees are a company's most vital resource.