Richard Wiseman:  Intercultural Communication Competence (2001)

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Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC):  effectiveness, success, adaptation

What I think:  ability to deal with culture shock.  Min-Sun Kim's 'bicultural' person has high ICC


What are the criteria to judge ICC?

Knowledge (sounds like cognitive?) - the info we need to become more effective (logical process)

Motivation (sounds like affective?) - to make us more sensitive (emotional process)

Skills (sounds like psychomotor?) - to change our external behavior (actions)

Wow, ICC sure sounds like the objectives of an intercultural training program.


Later mention of Gudykunst and anxiety-uncertainty management theory (AUM): we try to minimize misunderstandings with those of other cultures- as misunderstandings rise, we feel uncertain about the other / situation.  This causes anxiety within us, provoking us to reduce the uncertainty and increase our mindfulness.  We reduce uncertainty using strategies like asking questions, self disclosing.

Young Kim's adaptation:  stress - adaptation - growth

Systems theory mentioned:  we are in a state of homeostatis (balance), where stress produces an imbalance in the system, and adaptation strategies are developed to counteract the imbalance in the system to restore system balance.  This process causes growth.