Jean Baudrillard

Signs have become increasingly separated from the objects that they represent

Communication media has been the propelling force behind this

Signs have gone from symbolic order, to counterfeits, to production, to simulation

Signs do not represent reality- they create our reality


Symbolic order:  the signs represent what they are supposed to

Counterfeits:  the signs don't symbolize exactly what they are supposed to anymore (a manipulated object)

Production:  An American movie (fictional) about a rock band- after the movie the rock band became famous (the movie created the band, rather than the movie being about an existing band)

Simulation:  Baudrillard toured the United States and observed that the pop culture, which was the role model of many (especially the youth) was completely fake.  The idolized pop culture was simply an image and not real at all.  Our role models were fake images created by Hollywood or MTV.