Theories of Persuasion
(Barb O'Keefe)

Ideas From: 
O'Keefe, B. J., & Shepherd, G.J. (1987).  The pursuit of multiple objectives in face-to-face persuasive interaction: Effects of construct differentiation.  Communication Monographs, 54, 396-419.

Much of these ideas borrow from theories of politeness and face.


1.) baldly / direct ("that dress makes you look ugly - go change")
2.) by appealing to positive face ("that other dress will bring out your eyes")
3.) by appealing to negative face (some non-threatening action - off record / semi-indirect:  "sorry to bother you, but would you mind putting on that dress instead?")
4.) indirect ("I saw someone the other day with a dress like that other one you have, they looked nice in it")