Reading List



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    - Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

 Kim, Min-Sun.  Non-Western Perspectives on Human Communication:  Implications for Theory and Practice.  2002.

    - Self Construal Theory


Communication Theories:

 Littlejohn, Stephen.  Theories of Human Communication.  Wadsworth, 7th Ed., 2002.

    - Uses / Gratification Theory

 Brown, P., and Levinson, S.  Politeness:  Some Universals in Language Usage.  Cambridge University Press, 1987.

    - Politeness / Face Theory

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    - Politeness / Face Theory

 Searle.  Speech Acts:  An Essay in the Philosophy of Language.  Cambridge University Press, 1969.

    - Speech Acts Theory

 Aune, R., Levine, T., Park, H., Asada, K., and Banas, J.  "Tests of a Theory of Communicative Responsibility."

    - Theory of Conversational Implicature / Cooperative activities

 Clark, H.  Using Language.  Cambridge University Press, 1996.

    - Cooperative Activities / Nature of Language / Pragmatics

 Holtgraves.  Language as Social Action:  Social Psychology and Language Use.  Erlbaum, 2001.

    - Pragmatics

 O'Keefe, B. J., & Shepherd, G.J. (1987).  The pursuit of multiple objectives in face-to-face persuasive interaction: Effects of construct differentiation.  Communication Monographs, 54, 396-419.

    - Social Influence / Persuasion Theory

 Grice, P.  Studies in the Ways of Words.  Harvard University Press, 1991.

    - Theory of Conversational Implicature

Walther, J. B. (1993). Impression development in computer-mediated interaction. Western Journal of Communication, 57, 381-398.

    - Nonverbal Communication / Relational Communication    

 Altman, I., & Taylor, D.  "Communication in Interpersonal Relationships: Social Penetration Processes," in Interpersonal Processes: New Directions in Communication Research, Michael Roloff and Gerald Miller (eds.), Sage, Newbury Park, CA, 1987, pp. 257-277.

    - Social Penetration Theory / Self Disclosure
    - related article:

 Ramirez, A., J. Walther, J. Burgoon & M. Sunnafrank (2002). Information-seeking strategies, uncertainty, and computer-mediated communication: Toward a conceptual model. Human Communication Research, 26: 213-228.

    - Predicted Outcome - Value Theory / Uncertainty Reduction Theory
    - See Also:  C. Berger - invented Uncertainty Reduction Theory

WWW sources on: 

.Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

.Uses and Gratifications Theory

.Relational / Non-verbal Communication Theory (Joe Walther)

.Self-Disclosure Theory

.Uncertainty Reduction Theory (Michael Sunnafrank - Predicted Outcome Value Theory)

.Politeness / Face Theory (Brown & Levinson)

.Social Penetration Theory (Altman & Taylor)

.Theory of Conversational Implicature / Cooperative Principle (Grice) (followed up by Aune's article)

.Theories of Persuasion (Barb O'Keefe)

.Nonverbal Communication (Joe Walther)