Secondary Exam Question:

Consider the development of an intercultural relationship moving from the earliest stages of development (i.e., characterized by non-interpersonal communication) to a more developed state (i.e., characterized by interpersonal communication).  All things being equal, what roles will communicative technologies (relative to FTF communication) play in this development?

My response:


First explain the difference between mediated and unmediated comm (Aune PPT)

Next explain that all technology will be secondary, while FTF is primary, and the main difference is the amount of senses that are used (mediated means less sensual involvement) Mentioning McLuhan maybe - medium is the massage

Technology differs on the sensual massaging and the amount of involvement.  Speak of videoconferencing, cell phones, chat programs (synchronous messaging), email (asynchronous messaging), and how they are all secondary but decrease in involvement, sensual information, nonverbal cues, etc.

At this point, lay out two opposite hypotheses: 

one explaining FTF as better (learn the other person's culture, style, etc faster),

second hypothesis explains comm. technologies will be better (avoidance of some cultural problems, etc) 

(don't forget to use examples!)

At the end, explain that both hypotheses have valid arguments, and help shed light of the role comm. technologies might play in the early stages of developing an interpersonal relationship