ICS 111 - Introduction to Computer Science I - Lab

IntroductionContact your TAjGRASP SetupAssignmentsNotes from Lab


Things that will be covered in the first lab:

  1. Contacting your TA for help

  2. How to get a lab account

  3. Downloading and setting up your programming environment:  jGRASP

  4. Starting a new program in: jGRASP


For the semester, we will be programming in the Java language, using jGRASP to do so.

To set up jGRASP at home, you will need to download and install the Java platform, then download and install jGRASP.  Instructions can be found by going through the menu above.

Note:  jGRASP is installed on the lab computers- these instructions will allow you to set them up so that you can work from home.

If you miss lab, check the 'Notes from lab' section for any important information, or you can email your TA at tp_212@hawaii.edu.