WebCT Registration Instructions

1.  Go to the main WebCT website:  http://webct.hawaii.edu


2.  The new version of WebCT uses your UH UNIX (e-mail) login, so you already have an account by default.  At the above screen, click on the link that says 'See courses on this server'.

3.  On the 'View by category' drop box, select 'Information & Computer Science', and click the 'Update' button.

4.  You will then get a listing of ICS courses.  Scroll down to the Manoa (MAN) listings, and find ICS-111.  On the right of the listing, you can click on the pencil icon to self-register for the course in WebCT.  You will be asked to log in- use your UH UNIX account (same as your e-mail) to log in.

5.  This will add you to the course.  At this point, you can click on the course and you will be taken directly to the course WebCT site.  From now on, you can simply log in at http://webct.hawaii.edu, and after logging into WebCT, you can click on the course (it will be listed automatically in a section called 'Courses'.

8.  At this point, you can play around in the WebCT site and get familiar with it.  Since you will be using the site primarily for quizzes, go to that section and check it out.  There is an introductory survey that you can take, so that you can get a feel for what it is like to take a quiz.  This will not count towards your quiz grade; it is just for practice and for you to provide the instructor some information about yourself.


If you get lost at any point, feel free to contact your Instructor (Blanca Polo) or your TA (Matthew Sharritt).