UNIX Shell Update Instructions

This is a one-time process that you should do in order to fix some settings in UNIX.  Follow this process very closely- any mistakes can seriously mess up your UNIX account.  Be aware that this will overwrite any of your UNIX settings, so if you would like them saved, back them up.

1.  Log in to UH UNIX (Secure Shell in Windows)
    - If you are in the lab, go to the Start Menu, then Programs, and look for 'SSH Secure Shell Client'.  If you're at home, a good program to use to connect to UH UNIX is Putty (click here to download).  The putty program is an executable and doesn't need to be installed.  This program will allow you to work on your labs from home if you wish.
    - Host name is:  uhunix.its.hawaii.edu
    - Your user name is the first part of your UH e-mail address.  If your UH email address is 'frank@hawaii.edu', your user name would be 'frank'.  Your password is the same as your e-mail password.


2.  From the UNIX prompt, type the following  (press Enter after each line):

cp ~tp_212/.login .

cp ~tp_212/.tcshrc .

Note the spaces after 'cp' and before the last period

3.  At this point the files are copied- simply log out of UNIX, then log back in again.  You can verify that it worked by typing the following at the UNIX prompt:

java -version

If UNIX responds and says that your Java version is 1.3.1, then you have properly updated your UNIX account.  By the way, your backspace key now works!