Personal Webpage Creation on UH UNIX

This is a one-time process that you should do in order to set up your personal homepage at UH.  If you already have your webpage set up (check the URL below), then you do not have to do this.

Your URL Is...
The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your page will be in the form:
For example: Jane Doe with UH Username jdoe would create a homepage at Note: The default file that gets loaded when somebody browses your Web page is 'index.html' and exists in a subdirectory called 'public_html' in your home account.


The Personal Homepage Management Utility
The Personal Homepage Management Utility is a menu-driven, Web based method you can use for:
  • Creating a simple new homepage (index.html)
  • Making your default homepage (index.html) Web accessible
  • Disabling Web access to your homepage
Log in with your UH Username and password and follow the on-screen instructions:

Open the Personal Homepage Management Utility (in a new window)
(to continue, click here, log in, and click 'Create Home Page')


In the future, your web page will be set up.  You will be able to edit the files manually from within UNIX.  Typing 'ls' inside UNIX will 'list' your files and directories.  You will see a 'public_html' folder, which is the folder that your personal homepage is hosted.  Modifying those files will modify your web site.  To change to the public_html directory, you can type 'cd public_html' from your home directory in UNIX, then another 'ls' will list the files in the public_html folder.