Lab 4 - January 30


To receive credit for this lab assignment, you must be finished by Thursday, January 30, at 10:00 p.m.  After this time you will not receive any credit.



1.  Login to UNIX

2.  Write a program that converts farenheit to centrigrades just as in the "Programming with JAVA book" page 24 problem 1.6.

    Since you don't know how to read from the keyboard yet, hardcode the farenheit value.


3.  Get into Pine (Getting Started with Pine, PDF)

4.  Attach the file to an e-mail (See pages 11-12 in Getting Started with Pine, PDF)

- control <J>, then control <T>allows you to browse and pick the file that you wish to attach

5.  Send the file to account.

6.  Check the webpage to make sure that the e-mail arrived.  Note that this will be sent to the ICS 111 lab address ( 

Here is the URL:

7.  Once I (TA) get the e-mail in my account AND I can verify it on the web, you will receive your lab participation point.


* Some may argue that it is easier to do this from WebMail. If you e-mail your homework from webmail, it means that you're not positive that it runs / works properly in UNIX.  This could result in point deduction if your stuff doesn't work properly.

Link to the Java API -  to look up any methods of any class you would like to use.