Lab 10 - February 25


To receive credit for this lab assignment, you must be finished by Thursday, February 27, at 10:00 p.m (extended deadline).  After this time you will not receive any credit.



1.  Login to UNIX, and write a program to do the following:

Do the exact same calculation of the farenheit centigrade conversion (lab 4) but this time you must read the number from the user.

Verify that it is indeed a number and then do the conversion.  (hint:  look over your notes from class on 'try' statements)  Check out the following tutorial on try statements:

If the input is not a number, print the message of your choice to the user.

2.  Send an e-mail in Pine (Getting Started with Pine, PDF) and attach your program to the e-mail.  Send to the account.  Make sure the subject is 'lab 10'.

3.  Check the webpage to make sure that the e-mail arrived.  Here is the URL:

4.  Once I (TA) get the e-mail in my account AND I can verify it on the web, you will receive your lab participation point.


Link to the Java API -  to look up any methods of any class you would like to use.