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Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D.


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Some of my favorites...

Games - An initiative for application of games in business training, education, public policy, and healthcare. - The Netflix of console games. A great way to try out lots of great new video games. - A leading game development tool described as "the Final Cut Pro of game authoring tools", which can export game projects to consoles, PCs, and browsers.


Pandora - I've been streaming music from the Black Angels station. Pandora's Music Genome Project® analyzes music to learn its qualities and play similar music styles. Pretty cool.


Recipes - A process of dry-brining to make cheap steaks taste more expensive. It really works!

Aquaria - Great deals on freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates, and aquarium supplies.

Social Networks

My LinkedIn page - Check out my professional background in usability research and web marketing.


Picasa Pictures - A collection of pictures from my experiences over the past decade or so. Fun times!

My Facebook page - Let's be friends :-Þ

Tech Stuff - Reviews on the latest and greatest computer hardware (motherboards, CPUs, video cards, etc.).

Test your Internet connection speed at
- Check the speed of your Internet connection to see how fast (or slow) it actually is. - Professional reviews and news on the latest digital cameras and equipment.

Travel Deals - Search for airfare / travel deals across multiple search engines and travel websites.