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Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D.


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"Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person." -- Albert Einstein


Ph.D., Communication and Information Sciences (Hawaii)

About CIS

The CIS program is an Interdisciplinary PhD Program between the School of Communication (COM), Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS), Department of Information Technology Management (ITM), and the Library and Information Science Program (LIS). Focus in the program is on interdisciplinary expertise, transcending individual disciplines to meet the need of understanding technological and societal impacts of communication and information technologies (CIS website). My professors and class work, comprehensive exam committees, and dissertation committee members were comprised of faculty from these departments.

Comprehensive Exams

Below are my notes from studying for my doctoral examinations.  Please do not copy or cite this information, these are just notes I used to study for the exams and they may contain inaccuracies.

Dissertation Research

On March 19, 2008, I successfully defended my dissertation. Click here for my dissertation abstract, and abstracts of related publications.


M.S., Information and Computer Sciences (Hawaii)

Masters Project

As an ICS Masters candidate, I worked on a project developing games for the Sony PlayStation.  SquareSoft's Hawaii division was closing up shop at the time, and donated some PlayStation developer kits to the ICS department.  I was lucky enough to be a part of the project that set up PlayStation development machines. We sorted through Sony's API (C / C++ programming) and I was able to create several small games. 

Following is from the final (largest) game I wrote, which was a solo effort.  I was able to get a feel for the entire game development process including content design, narrative design, sound and graphics design, in addition to the programming.

A Project from a Digital Librarianship Course

If you haven't noticed, I like lizards, and have had them as pets for years. As part of my Masters coursework I took a library science class called Digital Librarianship, for which my final project was a webliography on Chameleons.


B.S., Computer Engineering (Marquette)

Miscellaneous Java Games

As an undergraduate, I took a course on writing computer games in Java.  This was my second programming course in Java, so please excuse the poorly written code (for the expert developers out there).

Full Coursework Listings

Lists of Courses Taken

Following are comprehensive lists of my coursework: